Johnson County

Residential Service

Our Residential Care Services program provide services and supports to individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) living in the community. The services attune the adults to a desirable living environment for their future and well being. At Dream Vision, we offer assistance in meal planning, cooking shopping, communication, laundry, personal hygiene, and safety. Residential Care Services range from evening through morning and overnight, and weekend support. The services may also include transportation to and from day program, Doctor, and Specialists appointments. We offer both supervised and supported living


We offer this setting to persons who prefer to live in three or less bedroomed homes. Under this setting less supervision is needed and individuals are given an opportunity to adapt to self living. Support staff is available in regular intervals to check on residents wellbeing and schedules.


We offer supervised living in our Dream Vision homes to individuals who frequently need supervision and support and a staff is available all day./night. In this environment, we usually have 4-8 bedroomed private house with each individual having their own bedroom but share common living spaces such as kitchen, dining, and living room. We provide an environment that encourages, personal and social adjustment, improving personal life skills for individuals needing daily support.

Day Services

Dream Vision offers Day Service programs to suit each individual’s needs. Our staff are trained to not only offer practicing work skills but also daily living skills that are joyous to the individual being served. Our Day services is structured in that it offers programs that are meant for community access and personal development, and volunteering:


Our services encourages personal development in areas of personal hygiene, cooking, cleaning, health and wellness, continued education and money management tips. We also encourage laughter, relaxation, hobbies, social skills and fostering relationships within the community.


At Dream Vision, we allow our staff and individuals with disabilities to participate in the community through various volunteering opportunities including meals on wheel, special olympic events . This fosters confidence and participation in our community.


We encourage personal preferences and choices to participate in activities of their choice within the community. This includes swimming and sporting events. Individuals use these activities to learn more about the community at large.

Service Eligibility

To find out if you or your loved one qualify for services, Contact Johnson County Community Developmental Disability Organization. The SCDDO is responsible for service eligibility in our area. Call (913) 826-2626 or visit CDDO site for more information and schedule a meeting with CDDO to determine eligibility and Case management.

Visit or tour one of our home once you are eligible to discuss our requirements and determine a fit for your family member. Make a choice based on your tour/visit. We hope you select us! Services will start upon all the eligibility requirements are met.

Transportation includes planned activities, special Olympics to and from work/day program, all medical